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Will Carnival Row Season 2 Answer These Questions?

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There are two major groups of viewers when it comes to Amazon Prime’s Carnival Row. One who really enjoys the mysterious mythical creatures and their stories. Whereas; the other who does not see any logic or scientific reasoning behind the story of such TV shows. We will only focus on the first group because I am one of them. Just take the story as a story and do not try dissecting the plot. (Thankyou). Carnival Row Season 1 was an interesting watch. However, there are some questions, or shall I say cliffhangers. Just wondering, will Carnival Row Season 2 answer these questions?

The Easier Questions | Carnival Row Season 2

Dividing the questions into two parts again; one which will be most likely answered in the Carnival Row season 2. Whereas; the other which may still remain unanswered.

1. Why Philo (Rycroft Philostrate) Was The Only Half-Fae In The Show?

On a serious note, why Philo (Orlando Bloom) was the only half-fae shown in season 1. Are there more half-faes out there? If Dr. Morange had been serving the pregnant fae then there must be more half-faes out there somewhere. Will we have more of them in season 2 since all the critch have been restricted to the Row now?

2. Will Ezra Catch Imogen And Agreus?

Ezra Spurnrose is definitely one of the most interesting characters on the show. Though he is stupid, very stupid, but his character keeps you entertained even if he is just standing there without uttering a single word. At the end of Carnival Row Season 1, we saw Ezra planning to catch Imogen and Agreus. Question is, will he succeed? I mean, he should use Agreus’s money against him and get a ship for himself. But where exactly will he go to find his sister Imogen and her faun “puck” lover Agreus?

3. Related By Blood, Sex & Politics, What’s Next For Jonah & Sophie?

The taboo of incest is becoming common in TV shows now. We witnessed it in Game of Thrones, American Horror Story, and now carnival Row. Though Jonah and Sophie are half-siblings (if that’s a term), but it is still incest. Will their connection stop at politics or is Sophie really planning to wed Jonah one day?

4. WTF Is This Pact?

We keep hearing about them but they stay hidden in the shadows. Will the brutal Pact show their faces in Carnival Row Season 2?

5. Runyan Millworthy’s Role In Jonah’s Political Success

Since Jonah needed an honest man by his side, will Runyan Millworthy support him in his political fight against the faeries? Runyan himself is a fae and he is also an honest fae. He should not be working against his own kind.

The Tougher Questions | Carnival Row

Well, we need answers. Someone? Anyone?

1. Why The Fae At Pix Brothel Not Getting Pregnant?

On a seriously serious note, why Philo’s mother Aisling was the only fae who got pregnant. I know this question links back to the first question in the easier category. But that’s the issue. The question is still a question. There were many faeries in the brothel who were entertaining clients on a daily basis, including Tourmaline. So, why there were no pregnancies? What sort of sorcery is this?

2. What Happened To Kobolds?

Can someone please bring back those cute little kobolds?

3. How Successful Will Philo Be?

Well, the prophecy says he will be a very successful man. Will carnival Row season 2 show us how successful Philo is going to be in the coming days? Or do we have to wait for season 3, season 4 and so on?

4. Will Imogen & Agreus Have A Baby?

I mean they should, even if it sounds extremely weird. There should be more half-bloods.

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