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Dan Harmon Points Out Flaw With Joaquin Phoenix’s The Joker

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We know Dan Harmon as the creator of the show Rick and Morty and other notable comedy masterpieces such as Community. But in his spare time, he is also watching TV shows and movies like the rest of us. Recently, everyone is talking about the dark movie The Joker featuring Joaquin Phoenix. With so many reviews online, Harmon was also compelled to share what the movie lacked.

Don’t worry folks! It’s not as serious as you think it is. The only problem Harmon has with the movie is its name.

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i don’t know. felt like a missed opportunity

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With a picture that’s clearly photoshopped, the name Joker is now Joaquer. That’s a mix of Joker and Joaquin Pheonix (the actor who plays him).

Dan Harmon’s Post Leads To An Interesting Discussion in the Comments Section

Dan Harmons captions it:

i don’t know. felt like a missed opportunity

Clearly, Dan Harmon’s post was meant as a hilarious joke. But it prompted many to voice out their opinions on the movie.

One person gave a raving review in the comment section:

I like the last act. It spent a little too much time building up to it. Everything with Joker in the studio is great, And I wish the whole movie would have been just that – Like the Christmas With The Joker episode of Batman the animated series. I enjoyed his backstory, but it felt like too much build up and not enough pay off. The final couple shots for barbarically over the top. It reminded me I’m watching a movie by the guy who directed the fucking hangover

One fan mentioned how changing the name might change the whole movie:

But then that’d be pronounced yoker. He’d be a fundamentally different character. Instead of cheesy quips and unadulterated punchlines he’d probably talk about agricultural labor, or maybe even about the health benefits of egg whites

Some didn’t get Dan Harmon’s joke at all, one fan commented:

It was a good movie but i don’t know if I’d say it was a great movie

If you want to read a celebrity’s take on the movie that’s more serious, check out what Josh Brolin (Thanos in the MCU) thought about it.

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