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Miley Cyrus’s Sister Noah Cyrus Releases ‘Lonely’ Video

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Miley Cyrus’s sister Noah Cyrus has proved she is equally talented just like her sister. Noah is not just an actress, she is a singer as well as a songwriter. She has been acting when she was just 2 years old. However, Noah started her singing career at the age of 16 in 2016. Noah Cyrus’ make me cry was her first track featured Labrinth and it was a hit. Since then, she has released some amazing tracks and collaborations with other artists. Whereas, recently, she released her latest single Lonely on September 26, 2019. And finally, after 10 days, the official video of Lonely is out.

Noah Cyrus’s Lonely Gives You Goosebumps

Miley Cyrus & Noah Cyrus are one of the best female singers out there. Noah Cyrus is blessed with an amazing and soulful voice. In fact, she has also directed the video of Lonely with Symone Ridgell as the co-director. Whereas; the casting for the video is done by Matthew Brinkmoeller at the Los Angeles LGBT Center. The song is dark and depressing as it talks about a person slowly killing herself. In fact, that person represents everyone struggling in life and trying to fit in. However, it stays the same every day even though they keep trying. Noah Cyrus represents a person who is trying her level best to keep the people around her happy before they are gone.

I’m Slowly killin’ myself
I’m trying so hard, at the back of the shelf
It’s just the same everyday
I’m writtin’ these songs that’ll never get played
I get told what’s wrong and what’s right
I don’t have a romantic life
And everyone’s dying
So I keep on trying to make them proud before they’re gone

The Relatable Lyrics

Noah Cyrus is also shown begging people to help her get rid of her loneliness as she misses her family. Many people can relate to her desperation explained through the lyrics when she is spending more than she earns. As well as her reliance on alcohol to forget everything that’s hurting her.

I’m spending more than I earn
Drink all the time to forget I’m not hurt
Cuz I go to parties sometimes
And I’ll kiss a boy and pretend for the night
Cuz I don’t know much about me
I’m still ashamed of who I used to be
So I try way too hard
But I still miss the mark to fit in.

Noah Cyrus’s Lonely lyrics can also define what an LGBTQ+ member goes through when they try to fit in the world. Many of them do not come out and they pretend to be straight for the world to accept them. However, pretending does not define who they really are.


We hope & wish Miley Cyrus & Noah Cyrus collaborate for a song soon.

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