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Shane Dawson Shares Details About His Makeup Palette With Jeffree Star

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Shane Dawson’s much-awaited series with his close friend Jeffree Star has premiered. It has two episodes out now. The first one entitled The beautiful World of Jeffree Star has gotten 19 views. While their second episode entitled the Secrets of the Beauty World has gotten over 10 million views in just over a day. The latest episode delved deep into the beauty world where Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star planned Dawson’s new makeup palette.

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Shane was keen on discussing all the business dealings on camera. He wanted to show the world what really goes on behind the curtain and what it takes to actually create a makeup product. Whilst highlighting the business side of things, Jeffree Star also showed his friend how creating makeup is a creative process.

Business Side of the Beauty World

Star disclosed some details about the beauty world that shocked Shane Dawson as well as the audience. When asked about the number of profit he made from his best makeup palette, Jeffree Star revealed that his Blood Sugar palette earned him, approximately $23 million. And the cost of making that one palette? $20!

Moreover, Star and his team discussed profit deals with Shane. This led to a heartwarming moment where Shane Dawson couldn’t believe he was getting such a fair deal. Jeffree Star Cosmetics is partnering up with the YouTuber and will probably have a 70%-30% profit sharing ratio, with Dawson getting the 70%.

During the serious business meeting and Shane Dawson having a mental breakdown over how overwhelming the process isStar seems to adamantly believe that Shane Dawson’s new makeup palette is going to be highly successful and profitable.

Creative Side Of Beauty World

He also came up with colors and names for his new makeup palette. The new palette will probably be an eye shadow palette and named Conspiracy.

The two friends were joyously discussing different names such as ‘My Pills’ and ‘Jeffree What the Fuck’. These are phrases Shane Dawson has uttered many times during his videos. Other names include ‘My Uber’s Here’.

Two of the name in the eye shadow palette Shane is dedicating to the closest people in his life: his fiance Ryland Adams and cameraman, fellow video editor and friend Andrew Siwicki. Adams’ eye shadow will be named after him and be of a red shade. While Siwicki’s eye shadow will be named ‘Are You Filming’ because that’s what Shane asks him most of the time. It’s their catchphrase!

Along with the makeup palette, the YouTuber and author of I hate Myselfie is going to launch a new lipstick as well.

You can watch the full video here.

UPDATE: Shane Dawson reveals even more details in the following episode. Read more about it here.
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