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Funniest Moments from ‘The Bachelor’ Season 22

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The Bachelor is an American dating reality TV show, which started in 25 March 2002, on ABC. While we all know how ridiculous this reality show is and how lame Arie is, we can’t deny that it provides us with full-on entertainment! Just like all the rest of the seasons on The Bachelor season 22 doesn’t fail to amuse us. We’re listing a few of the lamest and funniest moments of The Bachelor season 22.

1 The Taxidermy-enthusiast, Kendell

The Taxidermy-enthusiast, Kendell
Source: disneyabcpress

“I love you seal, you are my friend. We’ll be together ’til my life ends, because you’re already dead. Taxidermy… on this journey of love,” Catchy song, huh? This is probably the funniest and the most memorable scenes in the show. This 26 years old crazy enthusiast, with her love for dead stuff animals and her freaky personality, definitely stood out amongst the rest of the contestants when she song this song for a stuffed seal. According to her, she loves researching on dead animals.

2 The ‘Glorious Ladies of Bachelor’ Date

The ‘Glorious Ladies of Bachelor’ Date
Source: abc

The mere image of a couple of women in their twenties dressed up as they’re going to wrestle and probably get a concussion during one is funny. The fun part started when the guest stars decided to harass the contestants until Tia and Bibiana decided that it was too much for them to bear, and literally ended up in the corner to cry.

3 Annaliese’s Dog Trauma

Annaliese’s Dog Trauma
Source: abc

When Arie announced that the next date would be dogs playing in a dog competition, everyone was excited. Everyone, except Annaliese, of course. She decided to take this opportunity and narrate her yet another trauma, where she was bit by a dog and ‘almost lost an eye.’ To heighten the hype, ABC portrayed another black and white reenactment while she told her story, making it impossible to sympathize with her.

4 Week 3, The Cabana Fiasco

Week 3, The Cabana Fiasco
Source: ABC

Okay, this one seriously earned Bibiana my sympathies. Bibiana tried to strengthen her connection with Arie after a week of no date with him at all. She created a secret cabana and created a romantic atmosphere with a couch, telescope, and candles, and all seemed extremely well. What screwed it up was that Arie ended up in the Cabana with Lauren B in it before Bibiana could show it to him! What further made the situation hilarious was that Arie went to the Cabana with all the other girls EXCEPT Bibiana! Poor girl.

5 Week 4, The Pee Prank

Week 4, The Pee Prank
Source: ABC

So, season 22, episode 4. One of the most entertaining ones! On a date in the woods, the two wilderness guides claim that to win this date, the contestants have to drink their own pee! To provoke them, Arie drank his in front of them! Jacqueline decided to impress Arie and start taking a sip of hers. Fortunately, Arie was able to stop her before she took in anything, and explained that he was drinking apply juice *laughs uncontrollably* But to think that she was actually going to do it! Wow! She has some guts!

6 Week 4, Bekka’s age

Week 4, Bekka’s age
Source: ABC

The star decided to keep her age a secret in the start, but decided to disclose it to Arie. The picture itself speaks volumes about his reaction when Bekka tells Arie on their one-on-one that she is 22, one of the youngest contestants in the show. Later in the evening, they discussed how boring he is and how she isn’t ready for marriage yet. In the end, they share the most stressful kiss. I guess it didn’t turn out so well.

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