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Tana Mongeau & Jake Paul Just As Confused About Their Marriage As the World

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The award to the most confusing public romance definitely goes to these two. Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul are possibly two of the most controversial YouTubers out there. A few months ago, they got publicly married and live-streamed the wedding ceremony. Although people speculate that it’s fake, we’re not entirely sure what the truth is.

The two made an update video on their relationship and it doesn’t really tell you more than what you already know. The young YouTubers started off the video stating that life after marriage is different.

Difficulty in Adjusting to Married Life

Jake Paul said:

We don’t know what the f*ck” they’re doing. We got married and then I was like, wait a second, what do we do now?

The couple talked about how they spend a considerable amount together as they planned for the wedding. But now as a married couple, they are trying to get back to their respective careers and responsibilities. It was hard for them to balance it all.

Some still question whether they’re actually married or not. The main reasons for the skepticism are that the two don’t have many videos together anymore. Plus, Jake Paul had to go on his honeymoon with his brother Logan because Tana had to deal with family emergencies.

Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau Are Still Figuring it Out

Though, the two still seem to be in love.

Jake Paul claims:

I think we’re f*cking dope as sh*t together

Tana also states that she still has the same love for her husband.

It’s true the couple isn’t living together and do have an open marriage. But they’re both willing to figure it out and work through it apparently. The two prefer to work everything out off-camera.

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