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Mike Posner’s New Song ‘Legacy’ Will Make You Feel Peace

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Mike Posner has certainly grown a lot as an artist. The singer gained fame after his catchy Cooler Than Me in 2010 and addictive I Took a Pill in Ibiza in 2015. His studio album A Real Good Kid received much critical acclaim. The album came out after the death of his father who died of cancer and his close friend Avicci who committed suicide. Posner took a path to self-healing and is currently on a Walk Across America where he is trekking the whole country on foot. The pain and lessons learned in all his life are apparent in his new song Legacy with Talib Kweli.

Mike Posner Wants To Tell The World About His Legacy

It still contains his gentle grooves and subtle optimism that we have come to associate with Mike Posner. It’s clear that the artist is on a mission with a pure goal and a peaceful mind. After going through a lot, he’s figured out some things. He wants to leave behind a legacy and his determination is perfectly obvious in his calm voice that still possesses a raspy charm to it.

Gotta hit the road when the locals don’t believe in ya
My music in museums is timeless as Mona Lisa, bruh
A legacy artist, I don’t need social media
So when you see me online I’m havin’ fun, trust

As is apparent in Mike Posner’s new hipster-like attire, the singer is adamant about spreading peace and love. He does not approve of violence and would rather have everyone indulge in a loving message of hope:

Unjust situations make me wanna gun-bust
But I’m a man of peace and so I plan to be poetic
With my words to help curb and understand the beast

Money and fame do not attract the singer anymore. He’s a simple man now with a simple yet deep message. He urges everyone to perceive him as a poet and not ‘some sort of DJ’:

I’m divine light hidden in a human form
It doesn’t matter what you do, it’s what you do it for

He Wants More Art In The World, Not Guns!

The musical artist is getting in touch with his artistic side in a much more meaningful way:

Love people, keep a brave heart
Don’t make guns, make art

The artist mentions how some of his family members have died yet he’s still trying to learn new things. The lessons he learns will be in his new songs from now on. His philosophy in life has changed quite a bit now and Posner sticks to his message of hope and enlightenment:

Like life is a curtain that hides the divine
You can peak behind that when you quiet the mind
I rely on something that’s stronger than me
And all my songs will live much longer than me

You can watch the music video here:

Seems like the Walk Across America is giving the artist the self-fulfillment and wisdom he needed.

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