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It’s Oct 2019 & Trisha Paytas Is Still Idealizing Her Relationship With Jason Nash

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Trisha Paytas has been doing pretty good lately. She is completing her The Heartbreak Tour, she is recording songs back to back. Just when we thought, maybe just maybe, she is over Jason Nash, it turns out she is not. Trisha confessed she has a habit of comparing her new relationships with old ones and it’s not a good thing to do. She is still idealizing her relationship with Jason Nash (she did not quote his name in the confession though).

Trisha Paytas & Jason Nash | Will It Stop?

Technically, Trisha Paytas shared the video titled “I’m not doing well at all” on September 29, 2019. We know that she has been hurting a lot since her breakup with Jason Nash but fans want her to move on and they cannot see her going through the pain again and again. Trisha is back to her kitchen floor with a long video that already puts her fans on high alert. She started off the video by talking about her knee injury which triggered her “situational depression”.

She wants children and she wants to fall in love (whichever comes first). In fact, Trisha confessed that she was seeing someone for a month and she had a good feeling about him. The guy was perfect on the papers, he wanted kids and he liked the idea of marriage. In fact, Trisha asked him to try for a baby after one month of their relationship. But she has issues with her tubes and it is really hard for her to get pregnant.

She also confessed to comparing her relationship with her ex-boyfriend (i.e. Jason Nash). Even though her past relationship was not perfect, Trisha Paytas cannot stop herself from comparing every new guy with Jason Nash.

Just An Opinion By A YouTuber

A YouTuber running the channel with “fix it in post” title shared her opinion on Trisha’s latest depressing video. Trisha Paytas should stop feeling less of a woman. The YouTuber believes that Trisha falls in love with the idea of things. She wants unconditional love and children, whereas; pretty much, nothing is unconditional these days. If she wants unconditional love from a child then it is a huge expectation as it is not necessary that the child will love her back unconditionally.


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