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Karen Gillan Sets Spiderman on Fire Thinking He’s Ryan Reynolds

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Well, we live in an interesting day and age. Celebrities are trash-talking each other for charity. That’s like killing two birds with one stone. But apparently, it has led to Avengers actress Karen Gillan setting Spiderman on fire. No, not the real one! It was only an action figure which was meant to represent Ryan Reynolds. Here’s what happened.

Recently, ESPN had a brilliant idea for charity. They were to host a fantasy football league that brought together superhero actors. Those involved in this project are Avengers stars Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans and Chris Pratt amongst others. Ryan Reynolds was also a part of this league. Those who are playing in the league are doing so for a charity of their choice. It also includes the famous Deadpool star, Ryan Reynolds. Reynolds was told by the Avengers director Joe Russo that he has to trash talk the team member he’s playing against.

This week he was playing against Avenger star Karen Gillan who plays Nebula on the movies.

Ryan Reynolds ‘Reluctantly’ Trash Talks Karen Gillan

Reynolds introduced himself and talked about the charity he’s endorsing and donating to. It’s an organization for sick kids in Canada. As per him,

They do so much for these kids in Canada but not only that but they do so much for kids all across the world. Amazing people!

He proceeded to then talk about how he was told he needs to trash talk Karen Gillan but he’s not comfortable with that:

Full disclosure. According to Joe and Anthony Russo, I’m supposed to create a trash-talking video in order to be in this league, and I’m not super comfortable with trash talk because I’m Canadian. I try and maintain a level of politeness, but anyway my opponent this week is Karen Gillan, and she’s like, nice. You know I thought I was going to get like Chris Pratt or RDJ or Anthony Mackie or Chris Evans, f*** that guy, but no, I got Karen, and so I sort of feel like I’m going to tread a little bit more lightly. I’m going to save the really intense hard stuff for next week maybe, but in the meantime, I’m going to trash talk Karen Gillan, but nicely so here goes.

Then the ‘nice’ trash talk about Karen Gillan starts. It’s hard to know what he said but it was mostly beeped out. There are only a few words you can actually hear but even then it’s confusing as to what Reynolds was talking about. We heard the words Jumanji Guaranteed and Dolphin Humping.

But the actress gave a fitting and hilarious response:

Karen Gillan Retaliates

The actress talked about how she was also playing in the AGBO Superhero Fantasy Football League. She mentioned the charity that she’s supporting which is a text line service, ‘Mikey’s Line 1’, that helps people who are suffering from anxiety and depression. Then Gillan promptly stated that this week she’s playing Ryan Reynolds.

“Okay so this week I’m playing Ryan Reynolds. And we’re meant to trash talk each other. And he had some really nasty words for me. But you know what? Actions speak louder than words. Ryan”

Then we saw Gillan walk into a random store where there was random superhero merchandise. The actress bought herself a small action figure which appeared to be Deadpool at first.

But then we saw Karen Gillan torching a little spiderman with the line “Take that Reynolds!”. Then Karen was pointed out by her cameraman that Ryan Reynolds is, in fact, Deadpool and not Spiderman.

This clearly shocked Karen Gillan.

Check out the whole exchange here:

Ryan Reynolds aptly responded by expressing an apology to Tom Holland. Holland is the actor who plays the real Spiderman in the Avengers movies. He’s actually Gillan’s co-star but perhaps she forgot?

Suffice to say, it was all a really good joke which had a great intention. The charities both celebrities mentioned were the Sick Kids Foundation and Mikey’s Line 1. You can go check their websites and donate!

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