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Adam Devine Gets Interviewed by Whitney Cummings’…. Robot!

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Have you ever imagined what it’d feel like to be interviewed by a robot? For us normal people we can only imagine, but comedian and actor, Adam Devine has experienced this. Was it a good experience, well you’ll just find that out in a while.

Whitney Cummings Robot Interview’s Adam Devine

Before getting into the details, let us first clear that yes there is a Whitney Cummings robot. Don’t confuse it with Whitney Cummings has a robot, well she technically does but the robot is also herself. (Mind-Blown)

On Whitney Cummings official YouTube channel, the stand-up comedian has started an interviewing series. She interviews fellow guest comedian through her doppelganger-like robot. This time her guest was Adam Devine, the star of Pitch Perfect 1 and 2.

The Interview Gets Nitty AND GRITTY

To everyone who’s reading this, let us warn you that the interview consists of adult humor. So, you’d have to be at least 16 plus to watch it. Everyone under that, sorry children, you’ve got to grow up first!

The interview starts off with a confused and in awe Adam Devine and then goes on to become hilarious. There’s a part where Adam Davine asks the robot if she likes his comedy style and the robot breaks into a monologue about bombs.

In another part, the robot dodges Adam’s question by saying,

Sorry I’ll have to google that first.

Check out the video:


Adam Patrick DeVine is a popular American actor, comedian, screenwriter, producer, and singer. He is one of the stars and co-creators of the Comedy Central series Workaholics, as well as Adam DeVine’s House Party.

Whitney Cummings is also a famous stand-up comedian, actress, and producer. She had a Netflix comedy special l “Can I Touch It” where we were introduced to her doppelganger-like robot.

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