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David Dobrik Gives Chrysler To A Homeless Man

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When you think you have seen enough of David Dobrik giving away free cars to his friends and family members, he surprises you with another twist. This time, he found a homeless guy on the streets and decided to change his world by gifting a Chrysler to him.

Story Of The Homeless Man & David Dobrik

After 2 minutes 32 seconds of Dobrik’s recent vlog, we see him showing a homeless man, John. The guy was waving them down as they drove by. So, the Vlog squad decided to park the car and have a chat with him. John was excited to see them all, especially Heath who is his favorite. He was on the streets for about three years and he watches their videos. In fact, at that moment he was listening to their podcast. Upon David Dobrik’s question, John confirmed he has never abused drugs. And he only smokes weed sometimes.

Off the screen, David Dobrik and the vlog squad had a detailed chat with John and they found out some details about him. John was kicked out of the foster care to live on the streets. Unfortunately, his car was stolen recently so he was riding a bicycle these days. Moreover, John also told Dobrik that he never had Chipotle. And that gave a hint of what should be done.

Chrysler, Clothes & Chipotle

Wow, 3 Cs of David Dobrik.

In the next shot, we see John in different clothes when David Dobrik finds him. We have no idea how many days it took for him to arrange everything. In the end, the thoughts and gesture matter. David Dobrik handed over a Chipotle burrito to John. Who falls in love with the burrito at first bite. Then Dobrik surprised John with a gift.

I actually told Chipotle about you and they want to give you free burritos for a year.

John was happy with the sensational gift. However, he was not expecting what he heard next from David Dobrik.

There’s a lot of clothes here for you. You want us to help you with them and put them in your new car.

The shock took some time to settle down and John could be seen losing it. It was a brand new Chrysler. Fans are reacting to the video and calling it one of the best vlogs by David Dobrik.

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