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Instagrammer’s Murder Case | Judge Warns Victim’s Family Not To Wear Matching Shirts

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A few months back, an Instagrammer Bianca Devins was murdered by her friend (alleged boyfriend) Brandon Clark. Devins was only 17 years old and she was recently graduated. Moreover, her murderer Brandon Clark was 21 years old. They became friends on the gamers chat app Discord. Both of them were returning from a concert when Clark lost his control and murdered Devins. He also took pictures of her dead body and shared it on Discord. Soon, the pictures went viral and they were all over the internet. Instagram, as well as some other social media apps, were criticized for their content guidelines as the pictures were unstoppable. The ruthless people kept sharing the pictures and some of them still have those images saved. Meanwhile, Brandon Clark has pleaded not guilty and the court hearing is in process. However, the judge has recently warned victim Bianca Devins’ family not to wear matching shirts to the court.

Pink-Colored Matching Shirts | Justice For Bianca

The victim Bianca Devins loved pink color. Her family associated her with pink clouds and pink-themed remembrance gatherings.  After the murder, the internet and Devins family demanded Justice For Bianca. Therefore, Devins family wearing pink-colored matching shirts should not be surprising. The family is mourning the loss of their beloved daughter. They want to pay tribute to her as well as stand united to find justice for her.

However, Judge Michael L. Dwyer has warned the family not to wear the matching shirts again. The judge does not want a jury to be intimidated or affected by the pink shirts.

I want you to know that sometime in the future that will be coming.

Bianca Devins’ mother Kim Devins understands the reasons behind the judge’s order and she also wants a fair trial for her daughter. However, she said it is frustrating for the family.

Our shirts are a way to take Bianca into court.

Devins Family On Clark’s Sentence & The Couple’s History

Though the family is not clearly calling Bianca Devins and Brandon Clark a couple. However, police refer to them as a couple and they confirmed that Devins was dating Clark. Both of them were at a concert out of Utica, when Devins allegedly kissed another guy which infuriated Clark. The family has confirmed that they met on Discord. However, Clark wanted more than a friendship whereas Devins did not want it.

The District Attorney office is pursuing Clark’s maximum sentence of 25 years to life in prison. As the court is still awaiting the autopsy report, the next hearing will be on September 30, 2019.

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