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Twice Makes a Strong Comeback with Feel Special MV

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Song aside, let’s start off with just how mesmerizing and beautiful the music video is. Seriously, Kpop music videos are just on another level. Twice made a comeback yesterday with their title song Feel Special and I’m here to tell you everything we loved about it.

Twice Will Make You Feel Special

Yesterday on 23rd September at exactly 6 pm Korean standard time, the music video for Twice’s comeback title track was released. The music video starts off with a dance sequence and then closer shots of all the nine members as they sing their parts. The nine members: Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoug, and Tzuyu are partnered up in two’s, while Jeongyeon is alone.

Besides the beautiful scenery, and the glitter, the meaning behind the song is very heartfelt. So, we advise that while you’re watching the music video, turn on the captions.

You can catch the music video for Feel Special down below.

Mina’s Involvement in the Promotions

It was revealed previously during Twice’s world tour that Mina has been diagnosed with a social anxiety disorder. After the diagnosis, Mina had sat out of every Twice schedule till this album. However, Mina is not going to be taking part in the promotions of the album.

JYP Entertainment announced,

Mina participated in the album production, but she will be absent from the showcase and promotions for their 8th mini album. We ask for your understanding.

In addition to this, member Jihyo also sat out the showcase show for the album due to a stiff neck.

Her neck became stiff during rehearsal, so she quickly went to the hospital. She will inevitably not be able to dance and will perform while seated.”

However, Jihyo’s absence is only temporary and she’ll be back as soon as she’s feeling better and healthy.

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