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Ryan Reynolds Reminds Everyone To Register on Vote

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Today is a crucial day for America. It’s national voter registration day where all the citizens have to register so that they can vote for the upcoming elections. It’s a day where many popular celebrities are reminding everyone to register! One of whom is the successful Deadpool star, Ryan Reynolds.

The tweet didn’t contain the usual humor that we have come to expect from the star. Rather, it was direct and concise. Moreover, it was what the marketing community says ‘Call to Action’. Reynolds, much like the rest of America, is not pleased with the way Donal Trump has acted as president.

There’s very less chance of the president being impeached, but that does not mean the citizens can’t vote for a better president in the upcoming elections. Voting is the first step you can take to make an actual difference in your country.

But before that, you need to register for voting. You can do that with the link that Ryan Reynolds has provided here.

Importance of National Voter Registration Day

The official National Voter Registration Day is 24th September 2019. This day was officially created in 2012 so that citizens are reminded that they can affect the outcome of the elections and change the country with their choices. It serves as a reminder that each citizen has a voice that the state recognizes and encourages. Moreover, this National Voter Registration Day has partnered up with the National Associated of Secretaries of State. Along with that, they also have the support of the mega tech giants Google and Facebook.

Plus, an unwritten and unofficial support comes from a huge influencer group of America: Hollywood. Not only Ryan Reynolds but plenty of other celebrities are reminding what day it is and what you should do.

Good Girl stars Zoey Deschanel and Hannah Simone use an old throwback picture to remind everyone to register to vote:

Actor and comedian Jim Gaffigan make a compelling argument as well:

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