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How To Make A Perfect Pizza At Home

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No one can say no to pizza! Am I right? Well if you’re free this Friday night and in the mood for some pizza, you’d be pleased to know that making this gorgeous piece of food art is now possible at home, which means that you can have it at any hour! I’m sure this is the best news you heard all day! Here’s how to make a perfect pizza at home to perfection so that they are no different from your precious deliveries or takeout!

1 Make the dough more elastic

Make the dough more elastic
Source: bustle

Adding olive oil to the flour when preparing the dough will make the dough more elastic.

2 Get a more chewy crust

Get a more chewy crust
Source: everybodyeatswell

If you choose high-protein bread flour, it is going to make your crust more chewy that is better than the ordinary crust you can get by using all-purpose flour.

3 Perfect your sauce

Perfect your sauce
Source: Genius Kitchen

Adding just the right amount of sauce is necessary to prevent the crust from remaining uncooked or from the ingredients spilling all over it. The right amount of pizza sauce is just one that touches all parts of the dough, and that’s it.

4 Secret to a crispier dough

Secret to a crispier dough
Source:  YouTube

If you add flour to the pizza pan after greasing it, your dough will not stick to the pan and will come out crispier than usual!

5 Heat the oven accurately

Heat the oven accurately

Your oven should be very hot if you want your pizza to turn out like the ones at pizza parlors. But make sure you keep timing it because you don’t want raw or burnt pizza.

6 Choose toppings wisely

Choose toppings wisely
Source: wiseGEEK

Overloading the pizza with toppings can make it look like a weird blob you don’t want to eat. To keep your pizza heavenly, wisely choose what you want to go on it and don’t add more than 4 or 5 toppings. Don’t forget to cheese though!

7 Add the perfect cheese

Add the perfect cheese
Source: thehomepizzeria

Add good quality mozzarella or cheddar to your pizza to ensure the best flavor. Homemade cheese would work wonders too!

Thaadan.. Your perfect homemade pizza is ready to eat!! (drawling)

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