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Justin Baldoni Shares Joyous News: Maria Isabel Bueso Not Being Deported

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The real world may not have superheroes like Batman or Superman. But it does have celebrities like Justin Baldoni actively fighting for social justice. The recent mission Baldoni set out to do was raise awareness of an immigrant by the name of Maria Isabel Bueso. She was living in America to participate in a medical research study for her rare genetic disorder.

Isabel Was Facing Deportation

She was able to live here via a deferred action program. Sadly, Trump ended this program abruptly after coming into power. There was a fear of Maria being deported. However, Isabel testified to the Congress and explained how she could die if she was deported. The medical treatment she needs to continue living isn’t available in her home country Guatemala. Many celebrities raised awareness of the issue online using the #SaveIsabel hashtag. Justin Baldoni constantly updated his followers on the status of Isabel’s case.

Victory for Isabel Sparkles

Today, he shared joyous news. The administration of the government has reinstated the program. that means that Isabel can continue living in America and can receive the medical treatment she needs.

Justin Baldoni tells his followers:

ESSSSS!!!! SHE DID IT! WE DID IT! BLOWN AWAY!!❤️❤️😭😭 THIS is the power of social media!!! We just received amazing news for @isabel.sparkles – the administration has reinstated the medical deferred action program! THEY ACTUALLY REVERSED THEIR DECISION! This is a near impossible feat. This is not just great news for #saveIsabel, but for ALL families who were impacted by this policy change and can now remain in the U.S. to receive life-saving care.

Moreover, the Jane the Virgin actor stated that he was really proud of Isabel for being so strong to speak for this important cause:

I am so damn proud of Isabel for using her voice to drive change and speak out for all of those who could not. She is still awaiting official confirmation that her specific case has been approved, but we all believe it will.

Justin Baldoni Is Grateful For The Support

Justin Baldoni further thanked all his fans and friends for the consistent support they gave to this cause. He was truly grateful for everyone who made an effort to raise awareness about the #SaveIsabel campaign.

Thank you all for your support! Our voices matter, and today’s policy reversal is proof. And a special thank you to my friends @hereisgina @evalongoria @sophiabush @jaimecamil @dianexguerrero @[email protected] @[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected] and all our other friends and family who posted and shared. Thank you for using your platforms to amplify Isabel’s voice. Y’all helped save her life… literally. Couldn’t be more grateful to know you all.

Among those he thanked were her Jane the Virgin co-stars Gina Rodriguez, Diane Guerrero, Andrew Navedo, Yarita Frita, Jaime Camil, Eva Longoria, and Sophia Bush. Moreover, he also mentioned his wife Emily Baldoni who’s been constantly supporting this cause since day 1. Other celebrity friends he added were Rainn Wilson.

Plus, the actor also tagged major media powerhouses that shared this important cause such as People Magazine, Wayfarer Entertainment, Upworthy and Jones Works.

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