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Ninja Debunks Biggest Video Game Myths On Jimmy Fallon Show

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If you are reading this, you know who Ninja is. The famous streamer Ninja recently appeared on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”. Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has been in the news a lot when he switched from Twitch to Mixer. In fact, his book “Get Good: My Ultimate Guide” was also released a few weeks back. Ninja is an internet celebrity now and he debunked the biggest video game myths on Jimmy Fallon show.

Ninja Vs. Video Game Myths | Jimmy Fallon Show

Ninja is one of the most powerful persons in the gaming industry. He claimed on Jimmy Fallon’s show that if you read his book, you might be able to beat him at a game. (and it was a joke apparently). Ninja has been streaming for 9 years and he has been gaming for 18-20 years (he is 28 now). Since people ask a lot of questions about gaming from him, he decided to write a complete guide to gaming. Ninja’s book “Get Good: My Ultimate Guide” is literally an ultimate encyclopedia for gamers.

Since many people are blaming games for violence these days, Ninja debunked the myth of games causing violence.

Just like there are movie that have, you know, rated PG-13, Rated R-same thing with video games. You know your kids should not be playing Rated M for mature games. So as parents, it’s up to you guys to make sure that you are watching and making sure your kids are not playing those violent games at a young age.

For the other myth which claims video games make kids antisocial, Ninja has the perfect answer.

I would honestly make the argument that if you are playing video games, you are probably more social than most people who are not playing video games.

He also meets with his gaming friends at gaming conventions and tournaments. In fact, he is married to one of his friends. he met his wife at a gaming tournament and they got married after four years. He also hinted towards hitting big and small screens soon.

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Mixer Vs. Twitch

Ninja has a huge fan following due to his fame on YouTube and streaming networks. Being a professional gamer, he used Twitch for streaming purposes. However, he had to switch to Mixer suddenly after issues with Twitch network. During his streaming days on twitch, Ninja had over 14 million followers. He has played Fortnite with Drake and Travis Scott on Twitch which set a new record for an individual stream. However, his issues with Twitch has led him to Mixer. Many people believe Microsoft paid Ninja for his move to their gaming platform. But Ninja denied the claims.

I can’t even give you guys specifics but trust me, money was not the incentive, that I can tell you.

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