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New Gadgets We Can’t Wait To Try

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We live in dark times where people would swap latest gadgets for their partners any time. Well obviously, we don’t blame them, for these gadgets have everything that relationships don’t: personal space and true happiness. Here are 6 new gadgets that we just can’t wait to try.

1 Lenovo ThinkPad T series

Lenovo ThinkPad T series
Source: Lenovo

This extremely slim and lightweight device is going to be a combination of all the best features out there such as fingerprint readers, IR cameras and webcams that are safe from prying eyes online. It is said that you can use the battery for one complete day without having to charge it at all. Now I see technology truly advancing.

2 Samsung Galaxy Note X

Samsung Galaxy Note X
Source: Android Authority

Samsung never fails to amaze us. It will offer us foldable screens that also look super cool. The 5-inch screen can be folded into a 7-inch tablet as well. Definitely going to be one of the most fascinating surprises in the tech market. Look at Samsung spoiling us every day.

3 Oculus Santa Cruz

Oculus Santa Cruz
Source: oculus

This headset is in itself an independent gadget that will need no other devices to function. It comes enclosed with everything you need. You only have to do is lean down and rotate your head to use it. Might look completely weird but who cares? We have the best headsets in town!

4 Halberd

Source: kickstarter

This security gadget is going to be perfect for all those who are careless when it comes to privacy. It is capable of automatically locking your computer when you walk away from it. This means no more parents snooping into our phones and demanding an explanation for our questionable memes.

5 iPhone XI

iPhone XI
Source: priceandreleasedate

Tech experts have already predicted and named this one as the ‘pocket rocket’ because of its compact size yet brilliant features that Apple delivers so perfectly.

6 LG 8K TV

Source: Digitaltrends

Even when this is going to be expensive than the majority of our houses, tech lovers are surely going to be all over this. This is the most detailed highest-resolution TV in the history of televisions! Looks like all of us are going to have a hard time pulling into work if we can watch

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