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Bystanders Film A 16-Year Old Teen Bleeding To Death & Share It On Snapchat

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Why is it happening to young kids? How long are we going to blame it on the games and media? Why can’t the Government take any action? These are the questions that emerge in our head whenever we read murder news. Be that a fatal gunshot or stabbing, young teenagers are dying and we cannot just blame it on the laws and regulations. There was no gun involved this time. There was no gaming platform this time. A 16-Year old teenager Khaseen Morris was stabbed by another teenager while the bystanders filmed everything. Authorities confirmed that the video was posted on Snapchat & other social media platforms. A few weeks back, it was Bianca Devins whose after-death pictures were shared on Discord.

16-Year Old Khaseen Morris | Victim Of Fatal Knifing & Pre-planned Dispute

Khaseen Morris, the 16-Year old teenager, faced a fatal after-school brawl not far from his Long Island school. The brawl happened outside a pizzeria when 18-Year old teenager Tyler Flach, stabbed Morris. The single stab turned out to be fatal as Morris was taken to the hospital but he died overnight. A teenager killing another teenager is already a worse case. What makes it worse is that there were bystanders filming everything on their phone and they shared the video on Snapchat & other social media platforms. They preferred making an exclusive video of murder instead of jumping in and saving Morries from Flach. The total number of bystanders is expected to be 50-70.

Detective Lt Stephen Fitzpatrick said,

Kids stood here and didn’t help Khaseen. They would rather video this event.

He further confirmed that the fight took place over a pre-planned dispute involving a girl. The girl apparently used Morris against her alleged ex-boyfriend and Morries was unaware of it. The girl wanted the news to spread that she was seen walking with Morris. As per her plan, news reached the boyfriend and he threatened Morris to meet him outside a bagel shop.

Arrested Murderer Will Face Charges

Tyler Flach, who stabbed Khaseen Morris, is arrested and he is in police custody. If convicted, he will face up to life in prison. The suspect has a history when he was arrested for possession of substance and assault. He also goes by the name of BabyTy and he is a local aspiring rapper. However, nothing can be said about his future now.

The sister Keyanna Morris said everyone loved her brother. She also confirmed the girl story.

The girl wanted him to walk her home and he was like okay. This girl played a game and tried to get her ex-boyfriend jealous and said somebody else walked me home.

Keyanna Morris further shared that her brother loved anime and he wanted to become a photographer.

He told the boy he didn’t want his girlfriend, it was nothing like that, he just walked her home. The boy said he didn’t care.

Before arresting the suspect, Police gave a chance to the bystanders to come forward.

If you are not a part and parcel of murder of Khaseen Morris, now is the time to get in touch with us and let us know who did this and why.

The authorities’ confirmation that videos were shared on social media platforms including Snapchat is only shared by a few news sources. However, is anyone gets a hold of it, please report the uploader and whoever is asking for the video clips of the murder.

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