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US Navy Confirms UFO Videos Are Real

They Did It 1 Day Before Area 51 Raid...Coincidence?

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Now, honestly, it cannot be a coincidence. Or is it really? US Navy confirmed today that the UFO videos are the real deal. However, they are using another term to define these UFOs. We do not know what they have in mind but the timing seems pretty off (or “on”…in their case) as Area 51 raid is scheduled for tomorrow. Does that mean people should really be worried about all those aliens trapped inside the Area 51 and plan a rescue mission for them?

Is US Navy Trolling Area 51 Naruto-Styled-Raiders?

US Navy is using the term “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena” to define the flying objects. (Which we normally refer as UFOs). The videos were recorded by fighter pilots a few years ago. Whereas; the New York Times made those videos public in 2017. The CNN reporters show images of the flying objects.

Images of that rorating thing captured by US Navy Aircraft, sensors locking in the target.

A commander saw the “rotating thing” first hand during a training mission. They are defining the appearance as 40-foot long Tic-Tac. In fact, that thing was maneuvering rapidly and changing directions. Though we cannot clearly see how Tic-Tac-y the UFO is, we can still identify it as a UFO.

As we both looked out the right side of our aeroplane, we saw a disturbance in the water and a wide object, oblong, pointing North.

History Of UFO Videos & Sightings

UFOs were first sighted in 2004. Similar objects were observed in 2015 as well. The eye-witness says UFO movement was completely abrupt like a ping-pong ball bouncing off the wall. The UFOs also had the ability to hover over water. It was climbing vertically from a basic 0 to about 12,000 feet height. The object, then, accelerated and disappeared in less than 2 seconds. It is definitely something not seen by anyone in their life. US Navy is calling them UAP (unidentified aerial phenomena) instead of UFOs (unidentified flying objects).

The UFOs were initially investigated by a very expensive confidential project costing $22 million. Which itself was a part of the Defense Department Budget. The program is not operational anymore though.

Meanwhile In Area 51

Well, things are still getting interesting even though Area 51 raid is canceled. Or shall we say, it was all a joke and there was no raid scene at all. People took it so far that the Government is forced to take precautions now. You cannot storm Area 51 now since the airspace is closed by the officials. They are not taking any risks even though they have been issuing warnings to keep people away from Area 51. Moreover, the government has also banned flights over Area 51.

They are bound to take such actions as people are still gathering to celebrate the Area-51 and alien-themed events.

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