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Why Self-Help Books Are Useless

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There’s a wide range of self-help books in your nearest bookstore. But honestly, you just need to ask yourself this one question: Do you think Bill Gates became a billionaire by reading the ‘how to become a billionaire? No, he did not. And that tells how useless these self-help books are. Below are some of the reasons why self-help books are utterly bullshit.

1 It only helps the authors

It only helps the authors
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Self-help books have become a major industry where every author pretends to care about your personal bullshit and offers too vague of an advice. They’re just authors who want to make money in their field. They don’t care about someone they don’t know, they just care about the money that those strangers give them.

2 Vague Advice

Vague Advice
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They’re not superheroes that have the whole knowledge about you and your problems. Even if they give systematic and detailed steps on how to fix your life for the better, the steps are too broad and can’t always be applied to your exact situation. Even the steps to success are too cliché. Phrases like “Don’t give up” and “You can do it” is something you can just tell yourself, and without any costs. You won’t find that by reading someone else’s book containing another person’s experiences. Only you know what you are going through and what you can do to change it.

3 The spirituality solution

The spirituality solution
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‘Unleash your inner beast’, the books read, telling you how to delve in deeper into yourself and find your inner motivation. Yes, what they tell you is absolutely true. But you know where the problem comes? The beast won’t be unleashed while you sit on the couch reading the book. You need to get up and work for it!

4 ‘We Guarantee, You’ll Feel the Results within A Few Days’ is crap

‘We Guarantee, You’ll Feel the Results within A Few Days’ is crap

Nope, they don’t guarantee it at all. These are just false hopes and promises just to get you to buy the book. It’s just a tool for authors to get you to read the book and see the results for yourself. Just think if you spent time that actually doing something instead of relying on what the book says, you’d be much more productive.

5 Seek encouragement from people around you

Seek encouragement from people around you

If you really need some external power to help you become motivated then take some inspiration from your surroundings. Observe successful people around you and see what their habits are. Try to see their mentality and try implementing that. It’s better if you do it from more than one person.

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