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Twitch Streamer Survived Gunshots But Carjacked During LiveStream

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While the celebrities, social activists and many of the politicians are fighting for guns to be banned, we still hear shocking news every other day. The security system needs to be geared up so that people can spend their life peacefully. A few weeks back, an Instagrammer was murdered and her dead body pictures were shared on Discord by the murderer. While we are still waiting for an update on the case, we have more cases now. Recently, a Twitch streamer was shot at and carjacked in the middle of a Livestream.

Twitch Streamer Shot At & Carjacked

The Twitch streamer Jonny Zeta, known by his username BeesOnMyHeadTV, is famous for his Livestream on twitch. While some use the server to play games and talk to their fans, there are few streamers who Livestream their lives on Twitch while driving around the city. BeesOnMyHeadTV shared his car adventures and gain many fans. However, his last stream had his fans turned into detectives. Jonny Zeta was driving around the city in his car and his friends were riding with him. Soon he parked his car in a parking lot and people could see a white car approaching the. The car suddenly stops few feet away and a guy comes out, fires shots in the air and that is when the streamer BeesOnMyHeadTV runs to take cover and throws his camera somewhere.

We can hear a woman screaming and revving of an engine before the Livestream was disconnected. The last few seconds of the clip are “audio” only as the camera was thrown on the ground.

BeesOnMyHeadTV Banned By Twitch

Jonny Zeta, BeesOnMyHeadTV, was left unharmed, however, his car was gone. Moreover, we do not have further updates on the matter from him as his Twitch account was banned by the server. Though Twitch does not give details when any user is banned or suspended. But we can connect the dots and conclude that his account got banned due to live-streaming something against Twitch rules. Twitch has permanently banned and suspended many streamers due to the nature of its content.

Fans, however, confirmed that they saw the same white car parked on the side of the road when Jonny Zeta was driving around on the roads. That’s not all, you can even see the car door already open and someone standing outside the car. BeesOnMyHeadTV has confirmed that he is safe, but no further details are provided.

Few hours before the incident, he shared his drag racing plans on Twitter. The post also had details of his car model.

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