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Funniest Reactions To Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello ‘Fishy’ Kiss

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Fans are in a frenzy after Shawn Mendes officially posted a kiss with Camila Cabello yesterday. There are many people who stan Shawn & Camila and want their relationship to last forever. However, some people just cannot stay happy and mind their own business. They were trolling Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello by saying they kiss like fish. To troll the trollers, Shawn posted a video of him and & Camila literally kissing like fish and said.

We just wanted to show you how we really kiss.

You see a lot of fishy tongue action by Camila Cabello in the video clip. Coincidentally, timings of that video clip kind-of match with the launch of Camila’s new video “Liar”. Following these videos, both of them are trending on Twitter and we are seeing some funniest reactions. Have a look.

From Awww To OMFG | Shawn & Camila Kiss

Well, here are some tweets. You can see more by searching #shawmila on Twitter.

(1) Expectations are always worse than reality, they said. They lied.

(2) Warning: This one is a Wattpad’s kinky fan.

(3) TeamFish when they saw the video.

(4) I like baby Sherlocks. They point out things most of the people are not noticing.

(5) Trolling Experts. Where do you find such stuff????


(6) Wait, there are more of these?

We Are Not Short Of Geniuses

(1) I am still trying to imagine how is he going to personify the kiss.

(2) Ooooh, we have trendsetters here. Wait, does that make Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello copycats?

(3) Back to awwwwww again.

Celebrities React To Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello Kiss

Paris Jackson, Michael Jackson’s daughter, gave a simple reaction to the kiss.

yup same.

Justin Beiber’s comment has 191,068 likes already.

U guys are fucking weird. And I like it.

Niall Horan is basically all of us just ‘laughing’ at the video. Though, Benny Blanco has an interesting point.

but friends don’t know the way u taste la la la

The Beaches Band are amazeballs.

This is v similar to that first kiss between Bella & Edward.

Ryan Garcia loved the video.

Now that’s how you kiss your girl!!!

Nikita Dragun’s hormones are on fire.

i think this video got me pregnant.

Tana Mongeau:

this is engrained in my brain forever.

Well, we might be seeing Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul doing something like this in coming days. You can find Billie Eilish & other celebrities reaction on the original post.

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