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Why Jeremy Clarkson Was Mocking Emma Thompson & Leonardo DiCaprio

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Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson had something to say about both Emma Thompson and Leonardo DiCaprio. In particular, their environmental efforts. The host was pointing out the hypocrisy that the two major Hollywood actors seem to have.

Both Emma Thompson and Leonardo DiCaprio are adamant environmentalists. They are always trying to raise awareness of the issues of climate change and use their platform to generate help to protect the environment.

Though, Jeremy Clarkson isn’t amused by any of this it seems. He points out how Leonardo DiCaprio and Emma Thompson fly out in personal jets and yet talk about how global warming is messing up the earth.

Jeremy Clarkson Takes a Jibe at Thompson and DiCaprio

Earlier this year, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle talked about the importance of fighting against global warming. People were highlighting the hypocrisy by pointing out that the royal couple flew in via personal jets. Jeremy Clarkson was asked about this incident and this is what he had to say about the matter:

“Well, Leonardo DiCaprio has sold his ­private jet, so that’s .0001 of a second longer the planet will exist.”

The top Gear host mentioned Emma Thompson as well:

“And Emma Thompson is ­hilarious — there is nothing funnier than a champagne socialist. Nothing on God’s green Earth.”

Emma Thompson Defense

People were also attacking Thompson for flying to attend the Extinction Rebellion protests that raise awareness about climate change. She took a flight that produces about 1,67 tonnes of CO2. But the actress had a defense.

In April of this year, Emma Thompson stated that it’s hard to do her job and attend the causes she wants to without the occasional flying. Moreover, she’s also attempting to counter the CO2 that she unintentionally generates by planting a lot of trees.

Though, Jeremy Clarkson’s opinions still haven’t changed:

 ‘Whether you are a Labour MP with children at a private school or a green campaigner being driven to your TV studio to put your point across, it’s always funny.’

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