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Steve Aoki & BackStreet Boys’ Let It Be Me Video Is Empathic & Brilliant

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Backstreet Boys keep proving time and again that they still have the charm even after 26 years. The band launched their album DNA earlier this year and they have been on DNA Tour since May. Recently, they released their collaboration with Steve Aoki, an American Musician. The song itself touches your heart and if you see the video then keep some tissue papers handy because the video is very emotional, brilliant and empathic.

The Real-Life Stories In Let It Be Me Video

The very emotional video of “Let It Be Me” shares heart-wrenching stories of various people. Let It Be Me video starts with the story of a man whose wife was struggling with a brain tumor.  It was diagnosed after she complained about having trouble with her hands. Her brain was swelling from the chemo and it was a life and death situation for her.

A homosexual lady opens up about her relationship with another woman, but her family does not support her. In fact, her mother does not approve of their relationship. Her mother believed she was picking her relationship over her family. She was facing issues in being herself while her mother hated her love.

A person transitioned a year ago, following which all of her family members disowned her.  Whenever she goes out, she is scared most of the time. Moreover, she feels like she always needs to be aware of who is staring at her. She believed being transgender came with a lot of burdens.

A deaf person is facing issues as he cannot communicate with others easily. And that is why he felt lonely and kept his standards low. He believed he will never find true love.

Message Behind Steve Aoki & Backstreet Boys Collaboration

Let It Be Me is a very special song as it describes various people facing heartbreak but still finding love in their lives. The wife with a brain tumor survived and she spending a good time with her husband. The transgender found her true love as well as well happiness in her life. Being accepted for who you really are, matter the most in real life. Whereas being loved for who you really are, brings you inner peace.

The lyrics speak of a person who does not want any warnings before entering the relationship, who does not care what happened before.

If you’re gonna hurt someone, then let it be me
If you’re gonna break my heart, I’m ready to bleed
Even if it kills me, oh, I’m begging you, please
If you’re gonna hurt someone, then let it be me.

Steve Aoki and Backstreet Boys just gave us a life lesson.

Nothing that’s easy is worth it
Nothing that’s worth it is perfect.

Backstreet Boys also shared how important the song is.

This is a special one for all of us. It’s about working through any challenges that life brings to be with the person you love. Hope you all enjoy!!

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