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Brad Pitt appears as Vanisher in Deadpool 2 for a reason!

WARNING: This post contains spoilers!

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Deadpool 2 is out, and we just saw something that we can not believe! Brad Pitt appears for a very brief moment as Vanisher. But what most people have missed is a very important connection between Vanisher and Brad Pitt. Brad Pitt was supposed to play Cable in Deadpool 2 but due to scheduling conflicts, he could not and “vanished” from the project! Well, not entirely because he still there as an invisible man – Vanisher.

The Vanisher (Telford Porter) is not a new character made just for Deadpool 2, he’s a mutant supervillan who first appeared in the X-Men #2 issue (November, 1963) by Marvel Comics.

In Deadpool 2, Ryan Reynolds assembles a team of superheroes to help him thwart his new enemy – Cable. In Deadpool’s team, we see an invisible man as Vanisher. But since nobody has seen him, we believe he is simply unreal. This was just until Vanisher jumps out of a plane and accidentally electrocutes himself. In this very brief moment, we see his actual face and realize that Vanisher is none other than Brad Pitt!

What Really Happened…

You might all be wondering how did the Deadpool 2 team convince an A-list actor like Brad Pitt to make this appearance. This can be credited to the director David Leitch. Leitch has previously worked in numerous films as a stunt double and coordinator for popular actors. One of his most prominent stunt works included working as a double for Brad Pitt in several films. So, when casting for Deadpool 2, Leitch turned to Brad Pitt to play the role of the villainous character Cable.

At Deadpool 2’s premiere in New York, Leitch informed that,

We had approached Brad to play Cable early on, but with schedules, it didn’t allow us to cast him. We left the door open and asked him, ‘If there’s something else down the line, would you take the call?’ He said yes. So we came up with this [Vanisher] idea, and Ryan reached out and asked, ‘Would you be interested?’ And he said yes, and was a great sport. He came out to play and was up for anything.

Brad Pitt’s cameo in Deadpool 2 is just perfect – not too long, not too brief. It just makes you wonder whether you actually saw the hero for real or not, but before you can check again – he has vanished!

There’s more news to the story! A PG-13 version of Deadpool 2 is about to hit the screens! It’s called Once Upon a Deadpool, pretty catchy huh?

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