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Bad Boys For Life | Bad Boys 3 Trailer Is Out

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How many people from this generation know about the action-comedy movie series Bad Boys. If you haven’t seen Bad Boys 1 and 2, then you MUST and if you have already seen those then you will feel good about the trailer as Will Smith & Martin Lawrence are returning in Bad Boys 3. Bad Boys For Life is releasing on January 17, 2020.

Bad Boys For Life | Bad Boys 3

Sony dropped the first trailer of “Bad Boys for Life” after 17 years, which is like…approximately 2 decades. A lot has changed in this time span. For instance, the cast has aged, but you bet the sarcasm, wittiness, humor, and action didn’t change a bit. Rest assured, there will be a whole lot of shooting, car chases, and explosions as well as comedy.

Bad Boys 1 & 2

Bad Boys 1 came out in 1995 followed by the sequel, Bad Boys 2, in 2003. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are back to their roles and they have returned for a third Bad Boys movie, Bad Boys for Life. The movie hits theatres on January 17, 2020, and it is expected to be a blockbuster.

Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) is now a police inspector and Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) is in a midlife crisis. As per the synopsis, they unite again when a Romanian mob boss, whose brother they defeated, promises them an important bonus in revenge just as the duo are about to retire officially. The third edition was planned right after the success of 2nd one in 2003, but due to budget constraints, it got delayed. Will Smith pay scale has also increased to one of the highest in the industry.

Bad Boys 3 | Bad Boys For Life Cast

Will Smith is playing Detective Mike Lowrey, Martin Lawrence is Detective Marcus Burnett, Vanessa Hudgens is Maya “Lethal Gun” Dunsmore, Theresa Randle is Theresa Burnett, Marcus’s wife. Moreover, DJ Khaled is also joining the cast as Manny The Butcher.


As per IMDB, Bad Boys 4 is also in the pre-production phase.

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