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Google Search Tips And Tricks

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With so much information on the internet, it’s quite hard to find the right information. There’s so many fake news sites and irrelevant websites that detract you while you’re at work. One time I was looking for some facts about the Egyptian era and pyramids and I ended up reading about Katy Perry’s music video budget costs. Plus, recently with all the Cambridge Analytica Facebook Scandal, fact checking and finding the right knowledge becomes even more important. Here are a couple of google search tips and tricks that allow you to search better on the internet.

1 Be specific

Be specific

Try doing a very specific search for what you’re looking for. You can do this by adding quotes around a certain phrase. Try to use a commonly use phrase so that something actually comes up while you’re searching for something. For example, “Secrets of NRA” will give you webpages that have the exact phrase “secrets of NRA”. Don’t type in something obscure such as “nihilistic ideologies of the 90’s”.

2 Phrase your wording carefully

Phrase your wording carefully

If you’re looking for something professional and medical, try using words like “headache” instead of “What do I do when my head hurts” like an amateur searcher. Try being specific here too and add “Causes” and “headache”.

3 Colon to save the day

Colon to save the day

If you want to search up an article on a certain issue only from a certain website then use the colon. For example if I want to know the latest updates about the “March for Us” social campaign then I will type in “March for us site:” to get information about the issue from the Guardian.

4 Find similar sites

Find similar sites

Let’s say you love a website but you’re getting kind of bored of it and need something new yet similar. What you do then is a neat trick of adding in “related:”. Only websites similar to Buzzfeed will show up, and then you can continue browsing through the entangled web like a happy champ.

5 Find images better

Find images better

If you’re looking for visually similar images and need a bigger size or just need to get its source then open up Google images and drag your chosen picture to the search area. Then you can customize your settings to get different sizes and even check the source of the image.

6 Page that links to another page

Page that links to another page

If you’re looking for webpages that have cited articles or work from a certain website then just add “link: name of website” and you’re good to go.

7 Even files can be specific

Even files can be specific

This is most suited for college students doing their assignments. If you’re looking for a certain file type of a study or an article that was written then just add “filetype: pdf” or any other file type you want along with your main title.

8 Let Google do your math

Let Google do your math

Yes, you can type in simple calculations and get the result from Google. What’s best is that there’s also a feature called tip calculator in the search engine. Just search in tip calculator and calculate the tip while you’re out. You can even do conversions of any sort, just add in what’s being converted to what, for example $ to €.

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