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Emma Thompson Is Starring in a Comedy Movie About Climate Change

And it's satire

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This is one of those things that you never know you needed until it existed in the universe. Emma Thompson is going to star in a short comedy move about climate change. It’s a satirical movie about a group of extremists who deny climate change. It is titled ‘Extinction‘.

The director Jack Cooper states they were already thinking of having Emma Thompson in the movie because it was right up her ally:

“The character she’s playing was written for her, so we sent her the script and got a very quick and resounding response of ‘Yes, I’m in, I’ve even got the costume.’”

Thompson readily agreed to do the movie. This comes as no surprise since she’s an active supporter of fighting climate change. This movie is going to focus on the fight for climate change. Emma Thompson will be playing an environmentalist.

Cast And Crew for Extinction

Alongside Emma Thompson, there is a stellar cast. We are going to be seeing Rakhee Thakrar, Tom Glynn-Carney, Charlotte Hamblin, Francis Magee, Gary Beadle, Nicholas Row, and Will Brown.

Jack Cooper Stimpson is going to direct the film. He’s also co-writing along with sam Haygarth. Giannina Rodriguez Rico from SOS Films is producing the short film. While Sabian Phippen is serving as the executive producer.

The movie is going to follow the theme of British satire. It’s going to be a combination of social commentary as well as comedy.

The director hopes to push the genre a little further though:

“Both Sam and I are huge fans of the long-standing comedy of manners and political comedies that have been a huge part of the television landscape in Britain for the past few decades. We’re pushing that genre a little further, and although this is very much a comedy, we hope that the documentary-style footage we have for the protest scenes will make this a genre-hopping type of project.”

Release Date

The shooting is going to commence this week in London. It will also include footage from the protests that took place in Extinction. So, we’re seeing a release date for this Emma Thompson’s movie sometime next year in either May or June.

Is Extinction a Collaboration With Activist Group Extinction Rebellion?

People may believe that the activist group using peaceful protests to fight against climate change, Extinction Rebellion, has a big hand to play in the movie. However, that is not true. It’s more like the movie was inspired by the activist group and the protests that actually took place.

The movie does have the group’s blessing, however. Moreover, a percentage of the movie’s profit will be going to the activist group as well.

We’re definitely going to see Emma Thompson shine in this one!

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