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Shane Dawson Involved In Controversy Over Music?

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Another day, another scandal in the YouTube community. Though, this is one isn’t of a massive scale as that of the whole James Charles and Tati Westbrook scandal. But it did have people talking. Recently, Shane Dawson was unintentionally involved in a minor controversy.

Here’s what happened

We all know that Shane Dawson is working on a new series with Jeffree Star. It is going to show us a new take on the beauty world. The YouTuber has been working tirelessly for months with his editor Andrew Siwicki and Star himself.

So, today he asked on Twitter if there are any indie artists whose music he could use in the series


One person tweeted out how this isn’t fair to the music artist. They claimed that Shane was just using their music for free and just promoting them isn’t a valid compensation compared to directly paying them.

Shane Dawson Music

But the YouTuber responded to this:


Shane Dawson defended himself, stating that he always heavily promotes the musical artist. Moreover, if a certain song is specifically made for his videos, then he does pay the artist for that work.

Shane Dawson Didn’t Do Anything Wrong

To date, Shane has about 22.3 million followers on his YouTube channel. All of his videos have been gaining millions of views. His most recent video with Eugenia Cooney gained about 29 million views.

So, Shane Dawson certainly has a lot of influence. Him giving a shout out to any indie musical artist would help them increase their fan following. Hence, even if he doesn’t pay them, it’s not like they’re not getting anything in return.

Plus, he isn’t forcing anyone. It’s a deal that would only take place once both parties agree with it.

This whole thing was a minor controversy at best. With a huge massive following, Dawson is bound to get attacked for everything he does. No wonder, he got hacked this month on Twitter.

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