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Viral Video Shows 21-Year Old Man Beating & Shooting Female Deputy

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There are clear signs when someone is unstable. It should be reported to the Police before the person ends up taking a life. There have been many mass shootings in America and we are still seeing more cases being brought forward. Recently, a neighbor filmed an incident in time when a 21-Year old man started beating a female deputy, seized her gun and fired at her. The viral video is being retweeted and it can be seen how unstable the man really is.

The Reason Why Female Deputy Faced An Unstable Man

The incident took place Wednesday morning when a female deputy was seen being beaten by a man who kept hitting her till she fell on the ground. The man initially seized her hand when she fired 2 shots in the air to scare him. However, in a sudden move, he seized her gun away from her. Luckily, the gun was jammed for a few seconds giving the female deputy enough time to take cover before he started shooting at her again.

The brawl took place in Cabazon Court of Victorville when a female deputy arrived at a house in response to an emergency call around 8:25 am. It was a 911 call from a distressed mother who wanted her son removed from her property on an immediate basis by the police. When the female deputy, Meagen Forsberg, arrived at their house to take the son into custody, he started beating her. The suspect is identified as Ari Young and he was shot by other deputies who arrived at the spot in time.

Condition of 21-Year Old Ari Young & The Female Deputy Meagen Forsberg

Initially, the medical condition of Ari Young was not confirmed when he was taken to the hospital. However, it is reported that he has survived after multiple gunshots and he was being treated at the hospital. On the other hand, the female deputy Meagen Forsberg was not hit by the gunfire. However, she was kicked and punched multiple times on her head and face. She was treated for her injuries.

It is also reported that the police was seen talking to the same man a day before the incident.



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