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Schitt’s Creek Annie Murphy Shows How Special Syrian Refugees Can Be

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It’s always nice to see celebrities talking about important causes. First, we had Leonardo DiCaprio talking about the Amazon fires. Adding on now we have Annie Murphy asking for support for the Syrian Refugees. Yes, the Schitt’s Creek actress went to go visit Syrian refugees, and the entire event is just heartwarming.

Annie Murphy Visits Syrian Refugees

The actress shared some pictures from her recent visit to one of the Syrian Refugee camp. She wrote a heartfelt caption along with post, which will make your heart melt. Moreover, Annie Murphy urges you to help the Syrian Refugees and shares her own experience.

In the caption of the post-Annie Murphy writes,

Today, I went to Azraq Refugee Camp in Jordan and was fortunate enough to meet three young Syrian women (and their six brothers and sisters), who are more intelligent, driven, capable, and talented than me or anyone in my social circle (close and distant), combined.

She Highlights How Special The Women in The Refugee Camp Were

Annie Murphy highlighted how special each woman in the camp was. In particular, she talked about Asma (aged 17), Rayan (aged 14), and Zainab (aged 11). She talked about unique achievements each of them had earned. For instance, Asma has actually made a short documentary. Rayan is on the student council and is adamant on educating girls about the significance of education. Meanwhile, Zainab is this close to getting her black belt in martial arts and loves to raise awareness of anti-bullying.

Moreover, the Schitt’s Creek actress mentioned the future careers and aspirations of Asma, Rayan and Zainab. Asma wants to go to business management, Rayan is interested in becoming a pediatrician and Zainab will go become a fashion designer.

To summarize it all, Annie Murphy stated:

On top of this, these girls are kind, generous, fun, welcoming, and brimming full of hope for their futures, which they deserve to be the absolute brightest. @carecanada #carecanadaambassador

To find out how to help out these sparkles, and people like them, you can visit www.care.ca

Murphy is the Care Canada ambassador. Care Canada is an organization that aims to improve the life and quality of women in underdeveloped countries.

Cara Canada’s motto stands as:

CARE helps women and girls in developing countries lift themselves and their families out of poverty and out of crisis.

So, apart from entertaining us as Alex Rose on Schitt’s Creek, Annie Murphy is working to help little girls around the world.

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