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Aaron Carter Is Dropping Pyro Tomorrow

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Aaron Carter, the American singer, started performing at the age of 7. He released his first album in 1997 when he was just 9 years old and succeeded in selling a million copies. Moving on with his success, the second album was dropped in 2000 when Carter succeeded selling three million copies in U.S. Aaron Carter released his 5th studio album “Love” in 2018. Recently, he is producing some great music and his upcoming track Pyro is proof of it.

Aaron Carter’s Pyro | Sneak Peek & Release Date

Aaron Carter released the sneak peek of Pyro on 29th August. And when you hear it for the first time, it blows your mind. The beats are love, his voice is love, lyrics are love. In fact, Pyro is definitely going to be a hit record. My personal opinion: definitely tagging it as one of the best and catchiest songs for driving. Put the song on repeat and go for a long drive. It will boost your mood, that’s guaranteed.

How much can we take, before we watch it all burn down.

The 1 minute-24 seconds sneak peek seems too small. We want the complete song and it is finally releasing tomorrow. Do not forget to check it out on 6th September.

Serenity & Crescent Moon

The brilliant Aaron Carter is producing his own music. His experiments are incredible and people already want these tracks on Spotify. Carter hopes that “Serenity” will take you all on a journey to serenity and hope.


While his fans are saying that Crescent Moon is a therapeutic song and it can be used for meditation.


While Aaron Carter has so many amazing tracks and productions lined up, media is only promoting and focusing on his ex slamming the restraining order and his ammunition collection. Even, Carter noted it himself.


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