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What We Miss From The 90s

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Nothing will match the precious little corner we have in our hearts for the 1990’s. What is with all bullshit that the 2000s brought us compared to this 90’s treasure? Seriously, we don’t need your crap but we do need the 90s trends back! Here are 7 things that we dearly miss from the 90’s and what would we not give to reunite with our childhood favorites!

1 Music Videos on MTV

Music Videos on MTV
Source: MTV Logo

You loved watching the music videos on MTV. They were definitely all-time favorites. With N Sync and the Backstreet boys with their horrible haircuts yet catchy songs and dreamy eyes was such a good time pass. Oh, those were the good times.

2 Teen magazines

Teen magazines
Source: Amazon

What was more exciting than getting copies of Sassy, YM or the seventeen! Reading about cliché love stories and finding out new cosmetic routines was our guilty pleasure. What would we not do for another copy of these?

3 Low rise pants

Low rise pants
Source: express

Not sure if everyone misses them or not but they were real hot picks when they came out back then. Even when it was difficult as hell to carry them, who did not want to look like the ultimate ‘hottie’ for those Saturday parties?

4 Paper fortune-teller

Paper fortune-teller
Source: YouTube

If you tell me that you never tried to figure out your destiny by playing with the four-color paper fortune-teller, I will never believe you! We do wish that fate had turned out exactly as what the paper read though.

5 Film cameras

Film cameras
Source: Flickr

Remember how exciting was it when the film rolls came all developed and set into albums? We all remember the excitement for going out but everyone was allowed like 1-2 pictures because we had limited films. Oh how the times have changed, with selfies-sticks and Instagram!

6 The 90’s Supermarket Sweep

The 90’s Supermarket Sweep
Source: Flickr

Find me one person from the 90’s who did not dream of being on this game show! How we wish we were one of the lucky ones who made it to the show.

7 Making your own mix tapes

Making your own mix tapes
Source: Flickr

How thrilling it was in the 90s to wait for your dream songs to come so you could add them to your mix tapes? It was also considered one of the most romantic and cutest gestures of the time.

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