Trisha Paytas Is Set For Pregnancy, But She’s Missing One Thing

Trisha Paytas is back to gaining more fans and followers after she exposed David Dobrik, Jason Nash, The Vlog Squad and Jeff Wittek. Her honesty and truth have inspired many and some are even canceling The Vlog Squad. Trisha Paytas has proved she has moved on in her life, both physically and mentally. She is dropping new songs back to back, her The Heartbreak Tour is doing good. Trisha is no longer sitting on her Kitchen Floor as well. Her new videos show a calm and mature side of her and she really is done with her ex-Jason Nash. She is so over her past relationships that she wants to be pregnant now. But there is something missing.

Trisha Paytas | Pregnancy & A Little History

Trisha Paytas’ pregnancy love is not new. If you are following her for many years, you’d know all her past videos linked to her potential pregnancy. In 2016, she shared why she could not get pregnant. In 2017, Trisha Paytas dropped the bomb that she might actually be pregnant. In fact, when she was dating Jason Nash, they even filmed a vlog where Trisha Paytas was acting like a pregnant lady. She has disclosed it many times that she may never get pregnant due to her gynae issues. But it is not impossible. There is still a chance that she may get pregnant.

What’s Missing?

Apart from the expected complications, Trisha Paytas is all set to get pregnant. She wanted to have a family and a husband. However, her priorities are changed with the passage of time. After dealing with her life in 2019 and getting back to her feet, Trisha wants to just move on with her life by having babies. There is no talk of husband anymore. At least not for now. She does not even want a boyfriend after having a harsh break-up with Jason Nash. Trisha posted on her Instagram Stories today, asking for sperm donors. Yes, that is what’s missing for her successful pregnancy. Trisha has also clearly mentioned in her IG stories that she wants sperms only, not the guy/donor. Oh, and she will only accept serious applicants.

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