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John Oliver Exposes Medical Bias in Health Sector

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John Oliver started off his career as a correspondent on the Daily Show with John Stewart. HBO soon recognized his individual voice and gave him the screen. In 2013 Last Week Tonight was launched, creating a meltdown among fans. John’s analytical mind with a slight bit of comedy put him above others. The show airs on HBO, but episodes are also uploaded on YouTube. The show garners more than a million views on each episode. The free speech law in America has enabled John to openly critique the system. The informative experience has helped Americans in numerous ways in their life.

Last Week Tonight with the Medical Industry

Last week Tonight talked about the biases that existed in the medical industry. The episode focused on how the doctors; one of the most respected professions of the world, are posing a huge bias against women and black people. This automatically puts them at a risk, because what we are dealing with here are the lives of the people. John not only explained how this existed currently but also linked it back to the early 1950s. Back in the day, periods were referred to as ‘The Curse’ and numerous other names were given to female body parts.


John continued to explain the racist and sexist ideology that the medical industry still possessed today. Doctors overlook some instances and hence prescribe wrong medicines to patients. This usually happens with women and black patients. Moreover, research finds that doctors prioritize white people over black people in terms of checkups, medicine and waiting time. An attitude like this can have drastic effects on the health of the patients which involves children as well.

“If you’re a woman and/or a person of color in the U.S., you may well have a very different relationship to our health care system than a white man,”

Last Week Tonight followed the statement with real-life examples of such atrocities. The real question then becomes, is America still going to continue it’s racist culture, even in the 21st century?

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