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AT&T’s Involvement in Shane Dawson, James Charles & Amanda Cerny Getting Hacked

The reputation of the company is shattered.

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During the last week, multiple YouTubers account were hacked into. The major ones being Shane Dawson, King Bach, James Charles, and Amanda Cerny. The war against cyber hacking has been going on since the Ex-CIA subcontractor Edward Snowden exposed the mass US Surveillance systems. Hacking; a task once considered to be impossible, is now being done on a large scale.

What Exactly Happened?

Multiple companies take digital security seriously. However, it is not always the case. The popular US network carrier, AT&T, is behind it. At the start of this month, a hacker paid the employees of AT&T to disclose data of its users.  The real names of the hackers are still unknown. Though, the hackers go by the internet name Chuckling Squad. Slogans of the squad were posted all over the social media accounts of multiple YouTube stars.

James Charles, King Bach, Amanda Cerny?

James Charles was the most recent victim of the hacking. The hackers changed his Twitter name and edited his Twitter bio. Furthermore, the hackers posted several offensive tweets from his account. Consequently, Twitter made his account unverified.

Hackers also hacked into the account of deceased YouTuber Etika. They posted from his account and joked about his death in a disgusting manner. Shane Dawson was another helpless victim of the hackers who posted offensive tweets from his account. The same hackers hacked into King Bach’s Twitter and Instagram accounts as well. The hackers added a link to his bio and posted numerous pictures on his account.

What’s next for AT&t?

While this not only disrespects them but also shatters their reputation. AT&t is to blame according to the stars. The poor sim security of AT&t allowed the hackers to infiltrate in their accounts. The stars bashed the company on social media via videos and tweets, claiming that their emergency department hasn’t responded appropriately. While companies promise us privacy, the real question is: Do they actively abide by their policies?

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