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Mark Ruffalo Endorses Bernie Sanders’s “Green New Deal”

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Bernie Sanders; the presidential candidate for the upcoming US elections 2020, has introduced a new plan to fight climate change. The potential president has served as a senator in Vermont since 2007. The 16.3 trillion dollar plan is known as the Green New Deal. It recognizes climate change as a global and serious issue and aims to revive the Earth to its formal climatic conditions. The new plan intends to transform the US into a country that relies on renewable energy. New solar panels, geothermal power plants, and windmills are planned to be set up under the new plan. 200 million dollars in aid will also be provided to underprivileged nations, to allow them to switch to renewable resources.

Mark Ruffalo Wants You To Fight Climate Change

While this puts Bernie Sanders in a strong position to win the 2020 elections, the message still has to be circulated around the world to make sure that people co-operate with the scheme. Media, news and the internet are only a few of the thousands of methods to spread the message. Celebrities can bring about change in the world through their powers of influence. One of these astounding celebrities is Mark Ruffalo. Known for his work in Marvel Cinematic Universe as Hulk and the Now You See Me series, the actor has also influenced millions. Mark Ruffalo in his recent tweet brought light to the issue of climate change. He recognized it as a global problem and endorsed the Green New Deal as the solution. In his open declaration for his support for Bernie Sander’s scheme, he intended to unite America against climate change.

What’s Next?

As the graving issue of climate continues to shatter the climatic conditions of the world; endangering millions of species and thousands of going extinct, it is time for us to step up. The Earth as it is what we have. Millions of species are on the verge of becoming extinct, the last if which will be us; humanity will perish.

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