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Hasan Minhaj Got the Most Desi Reply From His Father

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Desi parents can never be impressed. Your hundred percent is just not enough. They’ll ask for two hundred percent and honestly, that’s not possible. Well it is but it’s rare and the majority of desi kids suffer from the trauma of being unable to impress their parents. Why we’re talking about desi parents and how it’s impossible to impress them? Well, it’s because Hasan Minhaj, a stand-up comedian and host tried to impress his father and got the most desi dad reply ever.

Hasan Minhaj Fails to Impress His Father

The standup comedian and host of Netflix’s Patriot Act With Hasan Minhaj, Hasan Minhaj recently hit 1 million followers on his Instagram. And like every other desi person, he had to share it with his family. However, one particular member of his family was not impressed. Hasan showed the number to his father and his father replied,

That’s 17 Million less than Shah Rukh Khan.

If this reply doesn’t sum up all desi fathers, we don’t know what does then.

Although, it’s good to know that celebrities’ parents are just like us. Hard to impress and pretty savage. Now we know where Hasan Minhaj gets his sense of humor from. It’s in the genes!

Hasan posted this conversation on his twitter account and all the desi twitter is relating so hard. He captioned the post with,

So lucky to have family in my life.

We feel you, Hasan! We totally get it.

The Desi Fam Relates

In the replies of this tweet, all the other desi people gathered and bonded over how relatable this all is.

Like us, if Asians can talk back to their fathers!

Honestly, we all have that one uncle or aunt who has a perfect child. Shah Rukh Khan is that perfect child.

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