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Lauv and Anne Marie Fuck I’m Lonely Music Video Out Now

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Are you feeling lonely? Is it the sad and depressed hours? Because we’ve got a perfect song for you. Lauv and Anne Marie collaborated on a single for 13 Reasons Why’s a soundtrack and honestly the song is a mood. It’s named Fuck I’m lonely and we’ve never related more to a title. Lauv and Annie Marie released the single earlier this month and now the music video is here. A hint  – it’s as relatable as the title and the song!

Lauv and Anne Marie Release Fuck I’m Lonely Music Video 

The music video for Fuck I’m Lonely is here and it’s colorful and beautiful. Lauv and Anne Marie look absolutely stunning in the music video. Also obviously they’re lonely too but lonely has never looked so good until now.

The music video opens with a monochromatic Wes Anderson-style shot of an apartment building. Lauv and Anne Marie are in neighboring rooms whiles Lauv’s is green and Anne’s is purple. Elsewhere in the building, we see people do whatever they do when they’re bored and alone. The clock keeps on ticking and thirty seconds into the video you know that everyone is lonely as fuck.

The scene eventually shifts to a market where both Lauv and Anne Marie bump into each other. Later both singers meet again in an elevator but Lauv decides to ignore the latter.

Though we tried to explain what’s going on in the music video, you’ll have to watch it for yourself once too. You can watch the music video here.

What Inspired Fuck I’m Lonely?

You’ll never guess what inspired Fuck I’m lonely. It’s so mundane and random that you’d think seriously! But still, inspiration strikes whenever it wants to. Be it in the bathroom or when your order is late. Yes, Lauv got the inspiration to write this single when his food delivery got late. And then there’s us, our food gets late and we become hungry monsters. While Lauv comes up with new hit songs.

Fuck I’m Lonely already has 29 million plays on Spotify.

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