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The One Where We Will Never Get a Friends Movie

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The famous sitcom Friends ended in 2004 with the last episode leaving the audience stranded in a whirl of emotions. The fans since then have been wanting a reunion in any possible way. On multiple occasions, the actors have been questioned as to whether they want a reunion or not. Most of the cast responded that they will be thrilled to have a reunion. The cast reunited on multiple occasions on numerous award shows where the show won multiple times. However, what was missing was a proper reunion, which was made possible in 2016. Though, it was just a tribute to James Burrows.

The show consisting of Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer, Courtney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, and Matt LeBlanc has a massive fan base. When it came to Netflix, even more generations joined the fandom.

What do the Friends Fans Want?

The fans wanted the cast to reunite one last time and create a movie together. It is not confirmed whether the request reached the cast and the directors or not, however, the fans are still determined.  In 2019 a fan-made trailer for a Friends movie was also released on YouTube, that garnered over 7.5 million views. The motivation and commitment with which the trailer was made simply show how much the fans care about the show. Videos often clarifying the events in the lives of the cast to the present day were often seen gaining views on YouTube.

What’s Next for Friends?

There hasn’t been any official report yet regarding the concept of the movie. The director or the cast haven’t spoken about it at all. The cast is split, living their retired lives, except for Jennifer Aniston who recently just launched her latest movie. There hasn’t been a single word by James Burrows as well. While it is highly unlikely that there will be a movie, the fans are still determined to get one by re-enforcing the trailer every year. The window of hope is still open.

But as of now, we won’t be hearing about the Friends movie anytime soon.

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