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DIY Makeup Remover To Make Life Easy For You

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Sephora might be your dream but hey, what does the budget say? Who wants to spend money on getting makeup removers when we get broke buying all that expensive shit? Here’s a solution to save some money so you can get pizza on one more weekend; a DIY makeup remover recipe that is just as good as that on the market.

1 Collect all the ingredients

Collect all the ingredients

The ingredients you need to make your own makeup remover are affordable and widely available. All you will need is extra virgin olive oil, aloe vera water, cotton balls or pads and one bottle to create your remover in.

2 Adding the ingredients

Adding the ingredients

Take an empty bottle with a cap and pour Aloe Vera water to it. If you do not find this water at a store, you can use filtered water as a replacement but Aloe Vera water in itself if very good for the skin that is why it is advisable to use it. Add a small amount of extra virgin olive oil to the bottle containing your Aloe Vera water.

3 Shake the ingredients

Shake the ingredients

The oil you add will be floating above the water that is why you need to seal your bottle and shake it very well until both the ingredients have mixed into one another. Use the remover as soon as you stop shaking before the oil and water separate themselves again.

4 Apply DIY makeup remover

Apply DIY makeup remover

As soon as shaking is done, apply the DIY makeup remover mixture to a cotton pad, wipe, or cotton ball and clean your makeup with it. Wipe well until all your makeup is gone.


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