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Is Cyntoia Brown-Long Still In Danger?

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Cyntoia Brown, the sex-trafficking victim who was recently released from jail after clemency, might still be in trouble. She has spent a very tough life since her birth. Initially, it was her drug and substance addict mother who gave her up for adaption. Next, she could not settle well in her new family and run away during her teenage. Cyntoia Brown was found by Kut-Throat, a street criminal, who forced her into sex trafficking and prostitution. At the age of 16, she murdered one of her clients Johnny Allen as self-defense. However, she was treated as an adult and sentenced to 51-Years-to-life in prison. She was recently set free after few celebrities including Rihanna, Kim Kardashian and Cara Delevingne joined the #FreeCyntoiaBrown campaign. But, there is someone who believes Brown’s life is still in danger.

Cyntoia Brown’s Wedding To Jaime Long

Cyntoia Brown got married to Jaime Long, a rapper, while she was still in prison. It is something referred as Marriage By Proxy as the pair got married over the phone. Tennessee Law allows such marriages where incarcerated people can apply for a marriage license in order to get married by proxy. The license allows both the parties to be legally married without being in the same room physically. As a matter of fact, it also means that both parties do not have to sign the marriage license at the same time. It is also expected that the couple will share their wedding details this fall.

Jaime Long’s Ex Believes Cyntoia Brown-Long Is Still In Danger

Before Cyntoia Brown, Jaime Long was once married to Pamela “Pam” Long of the trio band Total. When Pamela Long got the news of the wedding, she issued a statement through The Neighborhood Talk. The statement is more like a cautious warning for Cyntoia Brown after her marriage to Jaime Long. Pamela Long and Jaime Long got married in 2013 and divorced in 2016. Pam confirmed Jaime was unfaithful throughout her marriage and she is worried that Jaime might do the same to Cyntoia as well. Furthermore, Pam says Jaime is diabolical and manipulator.

May the Lord God protect her and her money. It’s about who she is in the public eye and what she has. By her having this face in the media it helps him to have a chance to be around what he deems as the elites.

Following the statement, many of Cyntoia Brown’s fans have demanded annulment.

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TNHT Intern: @yesthatsdee _____________________________________________ #Neighbors we previously reported that Cyntoia Brown was released from prison and recently married Jaime Long, who is the ex-husband of Pamela Long from the singing group “Total.” _____________________________________________ Well, Pamela says she is ready to speak her truth and provided us some exclusive details regarding her marriage to Jaime. _____________________________________________ In a statement provided to The Neighborhood Talk, Pamela says that she married Jamie in 2013 and their divorce was finalized in February of 2016. She also states that he was unfaithful throughout their marriage and expressed her concerns for Cyntoia going forward. _____________________________________________ “This man is diabolical and he is such a manipulator. The way this man pursued this woman is the way he did me. He came and found me using the same card, “He was a Christian artist,” said Pamela. _____________________________________________ “May the Lord God protect her and her money. It’s about who she is in the public eye and what she has. By her having this face in the media it helps him to have a chance to be around what he deems as the elites,” she exclaimed. _____________________________________________ “Mr. Long may be able to hide behind his handsome looks of being a good man, but God knows the heart and exposure is coming.” _____________________________________________Pamela claims that Mr. Long will do anything in his power to gain fame and fortune. She also wants the world to know that in no way is she bitter, because she’s better. She wishes them the best.

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Cyntoia Brown-Long Is Living A Happy Life For Now

Regardless of what people believe, Cyntoia Brown-Long is enjoying her freedom and the basic life outside of jail. She has not faced any issues so far. And we really hope it stays that way. In a statement to NBC News, Brown has expressed her joy.

I am loving every single thing about being in my own home. Being able to cook for myself and decide how I want to spend my day feels amazing. Those simple pleasures that people take for granted are what I looked forward to when I sat in prison dreaming of freedom.

Cyntoia Brown-Long is releasing her book Free Cyntoia: My Search for Redemption in the American Prison System on October 15, 2019. We will hopefully get to know about those 15 years spent in jail and how she is coping up with the newly found freedom.

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