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Bombshell Trailer Starring Margot Robbie & Nicole Kidman is Here

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If you’re looking for a movie based on powerful women, well wait for only a little because the trailer for it just dropped but the initial release will take some time. The teaser trailer for Jay Roach’s next drama film Bombshell has released. It stars Margot Robbie, Nicole Kidman, and Charlize Theron. All these talented women playing women that brought down one of the biggest media empires – hit us up!

Bombshell Teaser Trailer Out Now

Lionsgate very quietly and without any pomp released the trailer for Bombshell. The trailer contains next to no dialogues and you can see the tension and awkwardness among the characters played by Robbie, Kidman, and Theron.

Bombshell is a true story based on the experience of female Fox News employees with founder Roger Ailes. These employees also bring about his downfall and that is the premise of the story. It is just as it seems. Intense and dramatic. It’s quite hard to say if the movie will go on to get Oscar buzz by only the looks of the teaser. But there are three Oscar-nominated actresses in the movie so, chances are it might.

Everything We Know About The Movie

Bombshell, as we’ve mentioned above, is based on a true story. Though we can’t guarantee that they’ll get all the facts right. It’s a movie, after all, some of it will be just fabrication. But hey, we’re here for the drama, and by the looks of the teaser, there’s ample of dramatic tension bound to happen in the movie.

Bombshell is directed by Jay Roach and is written by  Charles Randolph. The film was originally being produced by Annapurna but the studio dropped it. Luckily for us and the crew involved it was picked up by Lionsgate and now is being released by them.

The cast of Bombshell also includes John Lithgow as Ailes, Malcolm McDowell as Ruper Murdoch, Allison Janney, Mark Duplass, Connie Britton, Alice Eve, and Rob Delaney. The movie is set to hit theaters on December 20th this year.

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