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6 Teeth Whitening Tips

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Are you a bit camera shy because you’re insecure about your teeth? We’ve got you covered, buddy! Know these 6 easy Teeth whitening tips to get that perfect set of white pearls and go dazzle people with that gorgeous smile of yours!

1 Use baking soda

Use baking soda
Source: Dr Axe

Mixing baking soda with salt and using as a mixture instead of your regular toothpaste can help in cleaning teeth better.

2 Rinsing mouth with coconut oil

Rinsing mouth with coconut oil
Source: Harvard Health

After brushing teeth, take a tablespoon of coconut oil and put it your mouth. Rinse your mouth with it for about 5 to 10 minutes and then spit it out. You can also apply coconut oil on your toothbrush and then brush regularly as an alternative. This will not only whiten your teeth but make them healthier as well.

3 Make your own Aloe Vera toothpaste

Make your own Aloe Vera toothpaste
Source: Medical News Today

For teeth whitening and clean teeth, you can use your homemade Aloe Vera toothpaste for which you need to mix water, baking soda, glycerin, Aloe Vera gel and lemon oil. The mixture can be applied to a toothbrush for regular use.

4 Rub apple cider vinegar

Rub apple cider vinegar
Source: Healthline

Apple cider vinegar is capable of removing solid stains from your teeth. Simply rub it onto your teeth using a brush or your finger, and then rinse your mouth with water for a perfect teeth whitening.

5 Try out strawberries for teeth whitening

Try out strawberries for teeth whitening
Source: Walmart Canada

Crushing strawberries and apply the mixture to the teeth has also been known as a good way to reduce the yellowish appearance.

6 Make use of orange peels

Make use of orange peels
Source: Perris 247

Rubbing orange peels on the teeth can remove marks and bacteria, giving it a more clean and white look. Also, a healthy diet with sufficient calcium can help keep your teeth from becoming yellow.

Last but not the least “Don’t Underestimate the Value of Brushing and Flossing”.

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