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Fans React To Norman Reedus Peeing In Death Stranding

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Gamescom 2019 has officially started today. It is a platform used by many video game developers to exhibit their latest work and upcoming games. That’s the reason why Hideo Kojima joined the Opening Night Live of Gamescom 2019 and surprised the audience with a short gameplay demo of Death Stranding. The gameplay started off with Norman Reedus sleeping and in a few minutes, he was peeing. Yes, just like every other human being, Norman Reedus (who is actually you in the game) wakes up from a deep sleep and takes a piss, literally. However, fans were not expecting it and they have some interesting reactions to this particular game simulation of Norman Reedus piss. Well, you can use pee simulation to empty your bladder. In fact, the game also suggests the player where to piss.

Be considerate and relieve yourself away from other people and their property.

Fans React To Pissing In Death Stranding

(a) This person shouldn’t have left Twitter in the first place. When Gamescom is on, no break for the game lovers.


(b) No arguments here.

(c) An interesting GIF.

(d) Mmm…use some common sense maybe. Why are you expecting it in the game?


(e) A genius way to show teamwork.


(f) Approved and Loved. Such a good-spirited person.



Then There Were Some Who Didn’t Like Norman Reedus Piss Feature

(a) Accidentally raised a logical question here…if Norman Reedus can pee why cannot he poop? Will there be such options? I didn’t see it in the gameplay demo.


(b) 50-50, but that’s right, let’s just enjoy Kojima’s humor.


(c) Guess What, Kojima will keep coming.

(d) How else were you supposed to shake the baby? On another note, the player will look hilarious AF shaking the baby.

(e) Kojima! Add Farts with Norman Reedus Pee.

(f) Yikes.

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