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The OA Is Now Officially The Most Underrated Show Of All Time

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On August 5th, Netflix canceled its hit original mystery series The OA, much to its subscribers’ disappointment. The show’s season 2 premiered back in March, gaining instantaneous acclaim for its stunning narrative, visuals, and performances. Critics, in fact, pointed out that The OA season 2 satisfyingly provided answers to several enigmas from the series’ freshman run. Which; thus, had a lasting impression about the show’s ambition to grow. For the most obvious reasons, the abrupt cancellation angered OA fans severely. Recently, when Hulu quizzed the devoted Twitteratti to elect the most underrated show of all time, they all broke out in rage enlisting The OA for the title.  Veronica Mars revival

Fans Declare The OA As The Most Underrated Show Of All Time

A few days ago, Hulu posted a poll to its followers. It asked them to select what they think is the most underrated show of all time, hoping to win some extra love for its already popular Veronica Mars revival. A few loyal Marshmallows did talk about the show, but it certainly wasn’t in the context of being underrated. For most Marshmallows, the return of their cynical heroine Veronica Mars has been satisfying enough. So, they don’t necessarily complain. However, Hulu’s tweet did offer an opportunity for The OA fans to vent their frustration.

Enraged, thousands of The OA fans jumped on the thread to express their disappointment over The OA’s sudden cancellation. Veronica Mars Revival The OA Cancelled season 3




Attention was turned in for The OA in all respects. Fans added memes, trending hashtags, clips from the show, and a few open threats to Netflix to draw attention towards the show’s sudden cancellation.

Why Was The OA Cancelled?

Netflix remains mum about why it pulled the plug off the show after its season 2. Its Original Content Vice President, Cindy Holland; however, did release an official statement about the decision.  Veronica Mars Revival The OA Cancelled season 3

We are incredibly proud of the 16 mesmerizing chapters of The OA, and are grateful to Brit and [co-creator] Zal [Batmanglij] for sharing their audacious vision and for realizing it through their incredible artistry. We look forward to working with them again in the future, in this and perhaps many other dimensions.

From Holland’s statement, it is very clear that it certainly wasn’t a tiff with the creators that caused Netflix to drop its axe on the show. Holland clearly demonstrates her interest in working with Brit and Zal again, and this has led people to believe that it was probably viewership woes that caused the cancellation. Veronica Mars Revival The OA Cancelled season 3



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