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Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool 2- Everything You Need To Know About It

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Time for Deadpool 2 is almost here, and trailers have presented a very excitingly different picture. Deadpool movies might have been mainstreamed because of Ryan Reynolds’ portrayal in it, but the character has been popular in comic-book fans for long even before the movie came out (also read: Movie Characters That Were Useless)

Ryan Reynolds is Determined to Break Every Rule
Source: marvel

Deadpool 2 writer, producer and actor- Ryan Reynolds is determined to break every rule in the Marvel comic book. And it’s working!

So far, Deadpool fans have loved the movie more than Kardashians love attention! And why not? So far, this is what has been up with Deadpool! Wade Wilson, played by Ryan Reynolds is a special forces operative. His world gets ruined when an evil scientist Ajax tortures him to transform him into Deadpool. This experiment leaves Ryan Reynolds with just accelerated healing powers and a twisted sense of humor. But, that’s just not it. With the help of his allies, Deadpool searches the man who ruined his life completely and separated him from the love of his life! But what is this? At the end, Deadpool informs the audience that they don’t have the money for a Deadpool 2 teaser! We don’t care if you have to sell yourself, but we NEED a Deadpool 2!

Source: marvel

Now that the time for the sequel is here, what’s coming up? The plot for Deadpool 2 has not been revealed much. But amidst all this secrecy, we still know that Deadpool is living on the fringes. Ryan Reynolds’ sidekick, Weasel gets his hands on a gun, and some epic underwater scenes are waiting to come our way this year! There are going to be a lot of familiar faces in the slew of superheroes that Deadpool recruits or the ‘X-force‘. Despite what the trailers have shown, Deadpool 2 might just have more than one villain.

One of the writers Wernick gave hints on that one, saying-

Deadpool 2 doesn’t have the traditional moustache-twirling villain. It’s an unusual structure.

Deadpool 2 writers Reese and Wernick together with Ryan Reynolds have worked during and post production hours to bring together a script like none other. Reese reveals that,

Ryan was behind a [prosthetic] mask, so you could place whatever words you wanted into his mouth. Our political phrase isn’t, ‘When they go low, we go high’. Ours is, ‘when they go low, we go lower.’ We’re willing to go all the way, dig all the way down to get a laugh.

So fasten your seat belts, because Deadpool 2 is almost ready to take you on adventure full of energetic action and jaw-dropping sequences. It’s bigger and crazier than the first edition that we went nuts over!

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