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Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj is Back!

Fans couldn't be happier!

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Patriot Act, a stand-up informative comedy show hosted by Hasan Minhaj; an ex-Daily Show correspondent was launched back in October 2017. It blew up, driving attention from around the world. Fans not only loved the elite humor of Hasan but also the fact that the show talked about world issues. It accounted for an informative experience for the audience. Previously the show had been Netflix exclusive, however, later the episodes were also uploaded on YouTube; gaining a much larger audience.

Is Hasan Minhaj’s Show Still Worth Watching?

The show initiated with Hasan talking about affirmative action and continued for three seasons with the episode, “Why your internet sucks?” winding up the third season. The fans since then have been craving for more content. The end of season three was followed by a short drought, with rumors floating that the show has been canceled. However, Hasan soon announced in late July that a new episode is underway.

Patriot Act Discusses Exploitation in the Gaming Industry

Hasan Minhaj endeavored to explain to the audience the grueling nature of the gaming industry focusing on worker exploitation, low wages, workplace harassment and the term “crunch”. Employers coerce workers to work overtime without any extra pay. The twenty-four-minute episode, focusing on the gaming industry, brought back the hype that the show initially had before the gap between season three and four. The fans are excited to see what Hasan Minhaj’s show has to offer in its upcoming episodes.

The curiosity swept away when the first episode of season four came out on Netflix on the 4th of August 2019. The social media filled with tags and tweets about the new episode, engraved with jokes, critics and appreciation. “Video games & Labor” was an insight into the world of video games, focusing on their production rather than the games themselves.

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