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Presenting The Negative Reviews Of Amazon Prime’s The Boys

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Amazon Prime’s The Boys is making waves and gaining fans all over the world. The show has gained a lot of followers and a lot of haters as well. While we see many positive reviews praising the concept and the darkness, there are some people who are not getting it. So, here we are, presenting few of the negative reviews of Amazon Prime’s The Boys Season 1. These reviews have been selected from IMDB and Twitter.

Someone Couldnt’ Digest Billy Butcher’s Accent In The Boys

Mdrill is a member of IMDB from 8 years and here is why the person is rating The Boys at 7.

An irreverent, innovative new take on a group of (not so) Superheroes ‘Supes’ … with great special effects, storyline, and cast etc. all is spot on except the OTT fake cockney accent that Karl Urban uses as Billy Butcher, it’s such an unnecessary distraction for me, it personally really took some the gloss off an otherwise fresh, no holds barred new action sci fi show.

Still definitely worth a look, said accent may not grate on others as much as it did me.

Amazon Prime’s The Boys Low Raters | Standards Too High

Trying to find logical explanations for everything? Sometimes you have to stop thinking and let the show do its magic. Going with the flow matters the most.

Good concept, love the brutal R-rated style, actors look the part, production is high quality.

But the writing has frequent low points, and every scene feels stretched to fill the timeslot, so to speak. I wanted to like it but I found myself flicking forward on the PS4 controller multiple times in each conversation without missing anything important. I blame the script and directing mostly.

(Who sits on a small bench right next to a total stranger, in the middle of a wide open grassy park, and then holds an emotional cell conversation?)

Difference of Amazon Prime’s The Boys Show From The Comics Is Unacceptable

I have not read the comics. But those who have, are telling everyone about the huge differences between the show and the comics. Some are even finding the difference unacceptable.

Without giving away spoilers, the series if very different from the source material in a lot of significant ways. For that reason, I’ve been quite disappointed in the show; it simply is not following the plotlines that I expected. One of the differences that I can point out without spoiling anything is that, in the comics, all of the Boys are superhuman themselves – which makes sense, given they are a special CIA team whose job it is to keep the supes in line. Also -and this is a quibble on my part – in the book, Maeve can fly. I find the decision to take away her power to fly annoying because DC did the same with movie Wonder Woman. The depowering of female characters I find very annoying. I am not criticizing the show for being so different from the comic. It is clearly its own thing and it needs to rise or fall on its merits.

Meh? What Is Up With You?

I was just wondering if these persons have watched the whole show without skipping or forwarding scenes.

Can’t get over the buzz around this one. Karl Urban is cool, I would watch him in anything. But this show is mostly very very average. Tedious and the ridiculous interspersed with the occasional entertaining moment. It just does not grab you at all. What is up with this site and the glowing “reviews” for mediocre stuff.


Another clever narrative shrouding gender and sexual expression fluidity via agenda. Sadly we are moving farther away from any sense of moral fabric in mainstream entertainment. #commonsense

Too bad as I really liked the premise.

Seth Rogen’s Take On Negative Reviews

One of The Boys’ fans recommended Seth Rogen to use the negative reviews as promotional material. Seth Rogen has taken the advice.

Welp, they are already shooting for The Boys season 2. It is going to be bloodier and these people will hate it more.

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